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Pastured Meat & Eggs:

Our chickens, turkeys, and pigs are raised outdoors in fresh air, with plenty of grass and sunlight. This environment produces the healthiest, happiest, highest quality animal. In addition, our pasture-raised animals are healthier for the consumer, having lower levels of saturated fat and higher levels of vitamins and minerals. The difference is that our chickens, turkeys, and pigs are raised on fresh pasture which is utterly different than the conventional confinement paradigm.

Our Broilers
Our broilers, or Charming Chickens as we like to call them, are the birds we raise for meat. Each day they are moved onto fresh, green pasture providing them a "buffet" of grass, seeds, weeds and bugs. These supplements, in addition to their hormone-free, antibiotic-free farm-mixed feed, provide the best overall diet. Our finished broilers weigh 35 lbs, and we have numerous "dressing dates" throughout the Summer and early Fall. See our 2014 Meat Order Form for details.

Our Layers
Our layers are also raised on lush pasture and are moved every 34 days. Our Happy Hens eggs have a fuller flavor and better nutritional value than conventionally raised eggs. Because they are such magnificent foragers, they are given ample room to search, scratch, peck, and eat at all the delectable treats they find. They are also provided a feed ration to supplement their diet. We raise layers year-round, and strive to have high quality eggs available at all times. We do, however, understand that layers produce fewer eggs in the winter months and incredible quantities in the summer. We simply ask our local community to follow their lead and buy in season.
Our Turkeys
We are not offering Turkeys for the 2014 season.

Our Pigs
Our pigs are raised on grassy paddocks that are about a quarter of an acre in size. When they are finished rooting up the soil and snacking on all the greenery we move them to a fresh plot. The time it takes completely depends on the size of the pigs and the quantity of pigs per paddock. Recently our pigs have been renovating an old orchard on the farm. We put them in a paddock and they go to town digging through overgrown brush--even eating branches and briars! What amazing creatures! Our finished pigs weigh around 300lbs and are available several times throughout the year in mixed-cut "pork boxes" (approx 1/4-hog) or as frozen bacon and sausage in our Farm Market. See our 2014 Meat Order Form for details.

There are numerous resources, both in books & newspapers as well as online, that detail the pastured meat-raising process and its benefits. Here are links to a few "Pastured Animals 101" articles to offer you some more background on our methods. We think, however, that reading about the pastured process is only the start. Come visit us in the Fall and hop on one of our weekend Guided Hayride Tours of the Farm. You'll be able to see our meat and egg operations up close and personal!

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